The missing link to your next personal best
"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
- Conrad Hilton

Andy dropped 26kg

"It’s allowed me to find a happy medium in life with eating and not only given me the drive to exercise but also the willingness to push myself beyond my comfort zones and achieve the results that make me want to keep doing what I’m doing."

Colin dropped 15kg

"Working with Kris has allowed me to regain control of my physical health and wellbeing. It has allowed me to focus on what's important to me and set achievable goals moving forward."

Charlotte dropped 7kg

"I have never been a gym goer. I always thought working out was too hard, too boring. But Kris changed all of that. He has made me LOVE the gym, relish working out. He is not just a personal trainer, he is someone so invested in you being the best version of you that you want it even more too."

Ben dropped 17kg

"After being hospitalised at the start of 2018, I decided to quit drinking, but originally I was only going to stop for a couple of months and my diet had gotten worse since I quit, this is when I joined forces with Kris. He explained to me what a healthier diet looked like and showed me how simple it is too maintain without the need to count calories etc."

Kat dropped 7kg

"I was injured, frustrated due to not being able to run and the weight was creeping on which I was not happy about and so my head space was negative and my disposition very low, I was even hesitant about getting back into the gym at all. With no pressure at all, Kris supported by journey to break down my frustration, build up the right muscles to get me running again, completing the 10K bridge run and set me on the right positive path to achieving my weight loss goal."
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Kim Lost 12kgs & Ran a Marathon

"Since I started training with Kris in 2013, not only have I lost the 12kgs of weight I wanted to after I had my son but I have successfully completed a number of Half Marathons and a Marathon, both of these I never thought possible."

Dani Ran Her First Half Marathon

"To complete the Half Marathon was a massive point of mental growth for myself. With a few life changes occurring at the time, my focus on my goals and wellbeing had never been stronger. I can’t thank Kris enough for the amazing supportive environment that he has created to foster motivation and kick goals! Here’s to more moments of changing my mentality to achieve what I think is impossible!"

Steve Ran 5 Half Marathons & New York Marathon in 12 Months

"The change in me due to the advice and encouragement of Kris has shocked family and friends and even myself as I’ve gone from no running and weights to having now run 6 marathons and doing a regular weights program to keep the 10kgs I’ve lost where it belongs….in the past! It’s a terrific feeling being fit, relaxed and living life to the max!"

Emile Ran 3 Marathons

"Realising that I needed to do something, a referral from a close friend who had achieved great results with Kris, encouraged me to partner with him to get my weight under control and adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle. 6 years later I have maintained a constant weight range & run 3 marathons each time achieving PB’s plus lots more."

Pablo Lost 10kgs & Ran a Half Marathon

"One of the best things about working with Kris is he keeps it simple, yet I still have fun and enjoy training. He has helped me with my diet and help me to keep it simple and not make it complicated. I can still eat a lot of things I love to and I have now lost 10kgs and smashed my Half Marathon goal."
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